Why do I feel so excited and motivated to offer our ABC Workshops?
Well, it is all About Building Character!

I truly believe that it IS easier to build strong children, than to repair broken adults.
And it is not that difficult to raise children who are honest, self-disciplined and grateful…or any of the other positive character traits that will help them to live happy, successful and fulfilled adult lives.

What does it take from us as parents to encourage these positive traits in our children?
It takes some time to think about which traits we would respect, as well as which ones would serve them into their future. It takes a little more time for us to consider how we can help them to learn these skills;

And then it takes our commitment and patience to continuously guide them towards these life-enriching gifts.

But no one brings this to our attention when we are new parents; we cannot go to university to learn how to parent, so mostly we parent by default…each day just happens without much thought about how this child will turn out as an adult.
A child learns from us…he copies what we do and what we say…good and bad.

For example…if we are in the habit of expressing gratitude;  if we guide her to sincerely thank granny for that gift, and if we encourage him to work towards that cherished something, rather than letting each whim just land in his lap, then we will be guiding them to be grateful and appreciative children.

And that is a true gift to them. They will not grow up feeling entitled. They will not expect handouts, they will have learnt to first put into life, before taking out. They will be appreciate what they have and make plans to work towards their goals. That is just one of the gifts we can offer our children.

In our ABC Parenting Workshops, we take time to think about many of these gifts…these character traits, and then look at how we can facilitate them.

Can you see why I am excited?
Each one of us has the opportunity (and responsibility) to raise well-balanced children;
These children will live happy, contented and fulfilled lives, and these fortunate, well-balanced adults, with their strong characters, will make positive contributions to society.

And lastly…the positive attributes that they have learnt as children, they will pass on and encourage in their own children – so your work now will affect generations to come.

Changing the world one child at a time!
What a challenging, but exciting role we have as parents!
Let’s put our heads together to discover the joy and fulfilment of Purposeful Parenting