A Taste of what is inside the workshop:


It’s the ‘Why’ of our parenting system. Why will we make the effort to think more seriously about how we raise our children?

Because it makes sense. It makes sense that if we want the best for our children, then we will consciously think about how these childhood behaviours will affect who they will ultimately become as adults.



The advantage of working out what you feel is best for your child and what your responsibilities toward that child are, is that you will have defined your role…your POSITION as a parent.

Would you agree with me that by having a better understanding of what your role is, your job will be made easier?

But something has happened…for many, parenting has become fuzzy around the edges. For various reasons, we do not have a clearly defined picture of who we are allowed to be as parents. Children have rights, and rightly so…but it doesn’t mean that we should not guide them in what we consider to be acceptable behaviour, and what our ground rules are. They need our guidance. In these workshops, we stop to think about who we would like to be as a parent and what our role and responsibilities are.



In this part of the workshop we explore a mind map for our parenting.

How would we like them to experience their childhood?

What sort of atmosphere would we like to create in our home?

What sort of relationship would I like to foster with my child?

Which strengths would we encourage in our children?



Here we create a framework for how we will raise our children.

It starts with a simple exploration of what we intend to facilitate in their lives…it could be…health, happiness, a sense of belonging, self-worth, confidence, self-love, a loving environment, or any other value that you would like to offer your child.

Next, we create a vision of…

What sort of childhood would we like them to remember?

How would we like their teenage years to unfold?

The quality of life we envisage for our adult child.

What sort of energy and vibe do we wish to create in our home?

How would we like our children to think and feel about us as parents?

Then we consider character traits…which ones would we encourage and foster in our children to bring them to be reasonably well-balanced adults.


THE ACTION is about the ‘how’…how we can do all of the above. The foundation of this action is based in Love, Example and Guidance.

Does it sound serious? I guess it is, but I have created a concise, light-hearted and fun way in which to look at your children’s future.



supporting parents






The following are just a few of the far reaching outcomes that you can expect to enjoy when you mindfully apply the ideas offered in my Purposeful Parenting Workshops and in my book – ‘The Gifts we can Afford to Give our Children’.




  • The time spent creating your parental clarity, will undoubtedly help you to facilitate a positive home environment, filled with capable, cooperative and happy children.
  • Your fore-thought now will significantly raise the chances of having respectful and rewarding relationships with your teenage children.
  • Having done this parental ground work with them, your young adult children will have the skills and confidence to take on life’s adventures and challenges…such a joy to watch.
  • The thought processes that we ignite while working together, will heighten the awareness needed to raise well-balanced adults, who will positively contribute to society. This is your chance to change the world one wonderful child at a time!
  • By this stage you will have established loving and respectful relationships with your adult children and they will have become your close and trustworthy friends and confidants.

What more could we want as parents? And it is not that difficult to achieve…come and explore these ideas with me.